Excuse Me, Your Weight Stigma Is Showing

How to check for signs and what to do about it Many of us have been taught to have weight stigma. To judge, criticize and “fix” those that have more weight on them than what has been deemed to be “acceptable” by society. Maybe you fall into this category and have felt...

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FitBits: Does Your Child Need One?

This past weekend, my 8 year old daughter had one of her friends over. She was proudly showing me her FitBit that she had just gotten and all that it could do. Every part of me cringed as her innocent voice said, “it shows the steps that you take and the calories you...

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Your body is enough

A couple weeks ago, a good friend of mine posted on her Facebook page the quote, “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.” She included a message that she was working out, eating the best she ever had in a long time and feeling great. She also happens to be naturally...

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How your weight baggage affects your kids

It’s been awhile since I have had a post! I have missed writing greatly, but now feel that my life is in a bit more balance.  I moved my private practice office in the beginning of summer to be closer to home and while adjusting to the summer schedule, we...

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Brain Food

It seems like we are hearing more about brain food, foods that actually help our brain become healthier. The way society is today, there is such a focus only on the physical appearance and physical health of someone’s body. As I have discussed...

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Trust. Somewhere along the way, that word has been taught to not go with our bodies. How you were brought up with food and the encouragement of listening to your body certainly shapes the way you trust your body. That is why I am so passionate...

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Food Rules: Are you a follower or a breaker?

Somewhere along the way we have been taught we have to live “by the rules.”  In my practice, I see many clients that like to be the food rules followers. These are the people that will be the “hard core” dieters, the ones that will only eat...

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