The Secret Weapon to Dieting: Intuitive Eating

Did you know that the industry that has you convinced that you need the latest meal plan, workout, powder or pill is a $60 billion industry?  This industry that has preyed on you to feel terrible about your body, that your body will never be thin or fit enough, making...

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Your Daughter and Her Body Image

Four Ways You Can Help Her Create a Positive Body Relationship As a mom, you want your daughter to grow up and feel good about her body. Maybe for her to not have the same struggles that you had. But did you know that kids as young as five can have a negative view of...

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The REAL Promise of Dieting

The diet industry is over a $60 billion industry. This industry has done an amazing job dressing up the latest diet, powder, pill, superfood and workout routine to promise you a slimmer, thinner, fitter, better you. You will cut out sugar, only eat protein and...

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Excuse Me, Your Weight Stigma Is Showing

How to check for signs and what to do about it Many of us have been taught to have weight stigma. To judge, criticize and “fix” those that have more weight on them than what has been deemed to be “acceptable” by society. Maybe you fall into this category and have felt...

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FitBits: Does Your Child Need One?

This past weekend, my 8 year old daughter had one of her friends over. She was proudly showing me her FitBit that she had just gotten and all that it could do. Every part of me cringed as her innocent voice said, “it shows the steps that you take and the calories you...

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Your body is enough

A couple weeks ago, a good friend of mine posted on her Facebook page the quote, “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.” She included a message that she was working out, eating the best she ever had in a long time and feeling great. She also happens to be naturally...

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How your weight baggage affects your kids

It’s been awhile since I have had a post! I have missed writing greatly, but now feel that my life is in a bit more balance.  I moved my private practice office in the beginning of summer to be closer to home and while adjusting to the summer schedule, we...

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